Tackling US Veteran’s Issues

Saunders Vet Wall

“Let us never forget the sacrifices made by our veterans and their families, and may the research within this building bring healing to them and others.” – E. Phillip Saunders

This Memorial Day, while we celebrate and honor the many Americans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country, we are also reminded of the many issues faced by our veterans who have returned home.

When Phillip Saunders donated $10 million to the University of Rochester Medical Center for the construction of a new home for clinical and translational research, he stipulated that the building, which now bears his name, honor U.S. armed forces. Visitors of the Saunders Research Building may recognize the Veteran Memorial Wall, which is prominently displayed in the building’s atrium.

Because the CTSI has benefited from Saunders’ generosity and dedication to clinical and translational research, and in order to promote new collaborations among researchers at the VA and URMC, the fall CTSI Seminar Series will honor his request by highlighting veteran research occurring at the University of Rochester, the Rochester Outpatient Clinic/Canandaigua Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center, and across the country.

The series will explore research on veteran’s issues such as combating insomnia, preventing suicide, and managing pain. Other topics will include opportunities for research collaborations with the VA, how to improve the quality and evaluation of extended care for veterans, and how to become a VA researcher.

More information about the seminar series, which begins in September, will be included in the CTSI Weekly Update in the near future.

Click here to sign up for the CTSI Weekly Update.

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