NIH Introduces the Women of Color Research Network

wocrnThe Women of Color Research Network (WoCRn) is an online community of women helping other women succeed in research, with a special focus on enhancing diversity in biomedical science. The purpose of this site is to provide women in biomedical careers of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds and their supporters with a venue for networking and sharing information. Members can exchange ideas about career development, get advice on navigating the NIH grants process, and participate in discussion groups on a wide range of topics, such as mentoring, science policy, and work-life balance.

The Women of Color (WOC) Committee of the NIH Working Group on Women in Biomedical Careers recognizes that women of color may face unique challenges to entering and advancing in biomedical careers. Some of these challenges have been well documented and described beginning with the historic 1975 paper by Shirley Malcom, et al. (Malcom, S. M., Hall, P. Q., & Brown, J. W. (1975) The double bind: The price of being a minority woman in science. Washington, DC: American Association for the Advancement of Science).

There are a number of online activities available through the WoCRn:

  • Complete a researcher Profile
  • Find colleagues using the Membership Directory
  • View Resources
  • Start a topic in the Forum
  • Connect with others with shared interests through a Group
  • Share entries from the Spectrum Blog with co-workers and mentees.

Participate in the online community that is addressing the challenges faced by all women and minorities entering and advancing in scientific careers. Join the NIH efforts for women of color and everyone who values diversity in the scientific workforce! Join the conversation and the network now!

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