UR Connected: Linking Researchers and Research Coordinators at UR


Are you a research coordinator in need of a job? Or a researcher looking for a coordinator?

UR Connected is like Monster.com for research coordinators.  Like Monster, UR Connected is a web application that allows job seekers and employers to find one other – only in this case the job seekers are all research coordinators and the employers are research investigators at the University of Rochester.

Within UR Connected, research coordinators can post their qualifications, advertise availability for new or additional projects, browse job titles and HRMS IDs for posted jobs, or browse opportunities to contribute to in their spare time. On the other hand, research investigators or hiring managers can search for coordinators based on their qualifications and availability, post HRMS jobs, and advertise opportunities that are more limited than a posted position in HRMS.

Noreen Connolly, M.S., J.D., clinical research coordinator for the Strong Epilepsy Center and Department of Anesthesiology and advocate for UR Connected, has used the system from both perspectives: job seeker and employer.

As a self-proclaimed life-long learner Connolly loves the opportunity UR Connected provides for research coordinators to “step to the side and learn something different, learn a new field, and to continue to grow” by picking up jobs outside their area of expertise.

Like Connolly, coordinators can also fill in the lulls in their full-time work with part-time or temporary jobs on UR Connected. These jobs offer an opportunity for research coordinators to acquire additional working hours and gain a little expertise in an area outside their regular work without having to completely change jobs. This application also makes it easier for out-of-work research coordinators to find full-time positions of interest to them. This helps the university retain a very good, experienced pool of coordinators and reduces the need to constantly train new people.

Connolly says she found the application to be very easy to get into and easy to use. Her advice: “Don’t hesitate to use UR Connected. It’s very simple and it’s worth the few minutes of your time and effort.”

She also recommends periodically updating your profile. If you are a research coordinator or investigator who has a profile or posting in UR Connected, take a moment to ensure all of your information is current and correct. It could be the difference between finding that golden opportunity or missing it.

If you are a research coordinator or investigator interested in more information visit UR Connected, or send your questions to researchhelp@urmc.rochester.edu.

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