Coming soon to a waiting room near you!

In the hopes of generating more interest in research participation, the CTSI has obtained a mobile ResearchMatch kiosk, which will be popping up in a handful of patient waiting rooms in the coming months.researchmatchposter

Starting Monday, Oct. 26, you’ll find this kiosk in the Sonia & Murray Morgan Family Waiting Room (#1-1230) located near the Friends of Strong office. Later this year, you might see it in Miner Library or in the Golisano Children Hospital Family Resource Library.

Research recruitment and retention is a goal of the CTSI’s Research Help Desk, and the kiosk should generate some interest from patients.

“We try to do anything we can to enhance the patient, family and visitor experience and promote patient and family-centered care,” said Sandra Arbasak, director of Friends of Strong. “We recognize that research is a big part of medical discovery, so we were happy to play host to this kiosk.”

ResearchMatch is a free, national recruitment registry that brings together researchers and people who are interested to learn more about research studies via a secure website.


How does ResearchMatch benefit volunteers?

Searching for clinical studies to join can be time consuming.  ResearchMatch makes this process easier for people who want to become volunteers in studies taking place at the University of Rochester and across the country.

Who can participate in ResearchMatch?

Anyone living in the United States with a working email address can join ResearchMatch.  A parent, legal guardian, or caretaker may register for someone under age 18 or for adults who cannot enter information themselves.  Many studies look for healthy people of all ages, while some studies need people with specific health conditions.  ResearchMatch helps match volunteers with any type of research study—from surveys (which do not involve treatment) to clinical trials (which may involve treatment).

How does ResearchMatch work?

After you register, researchers who are authorized to use ResearchMatch can look at your profile—with your name and contact information omitted.  If a researcher thinks your profile matches a study’s needs, you may receive an email message through ResearchMatch from that researcher. This message will tell you more information about the study.  You may respond “Yes” if you want to learn more or “No” if not interested.  A “Yes” response releases your contact information to the researcher, who may contact you directly with more information.  A “No” response keeps your contact information hidden.   Please remember that even if you respond “Yes” through ResearchMatch, you are never required to take part in a study.  ResearchMatch helps you connect with the researcher.  You decide if you want to participate.  ResearchMatch will not sell, rent, or lease your personal information.

What is the connection between the University of Rochester and ResearchMatch?

ResearchMatch is a collaborative effort developed at Vanderbilt University through the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) consortium, which is led by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, part of the National Institutes of Health.

The CTSA is a national network of over 60 medical research institutions working together to improve the way biomedical research is conducted across the country.  The University of Rochester participates in ResearchMatch as an awarded site of the CTSA consortium.

The University of Rochester is a participating organization with ResearchMatch.  If you are a University of Rochester researcher with an approved IRB study, you can use ResearchMatch as one of your recruitment tools.   Together we are helping to shape the future of health care. Learn more about using ResearchMatch.

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