Research Help Series:

Congratulations! Your study has found something interesting, and you’re ready to publish!

But your choice journal is telling you that they don’t accept research studies that weren’t registered at at the outset. And no, there’s no way to do it retroactively.

Carrie Dykes, Ph.D.

Carrie Dykes, Ph.D.

As more journals embrace as a necessary part of the research process, investigators who don’t register their trials up front are being shut out from certain publications. Fortunately, the¬†Research Help Desk at the CTSI is here to help. Carrie Dykes, Ph.D., research engagement specialist for the CTSI, is the university’s resident expert. Contact her at the outset of a trial and she can help with:

  • Trial registration
  • Recruitment updates
  • Entering results

Dykes is hoping that university investigators register more of their studies, for their own sake. It takes very little time to do up front, and many trials do not require you to return to enter results. Still, right now, the majority go unregistered.

“Our IRB approves several hundred studies a year, but only a few dozen make it into the database,” said Dykes.

For more information, contact

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