SCORE: Helping research coordinators connect and learn

by Nancy Needler, Special to the CTSI Stories Blog

Are you a research coordinator? This article is for you.

Do you know a research coordinator? Then please, pass this along.

Principal Investigators and research team members rely on coordinators every day. Coordinators impact the lives of research subjects and assist to provide the foundation behind the science data in the development of new clinical procedures, drugs, devices and technology to improve health care.

As a result, the University continues to recognize the professional role of the coordinator, and the CTSI is here to provide support.


The Study Coordinators Organization for Research & Education (SCORE) is a forum organized for coordinators where participants meet to share information, to collaborate to develop tools and practices, and to learn of University processes related to human subject research management. Providing support and regular networking opportunities for University research coordinators and staff, SCORE monthly events include presentation of resources and services needed for coordinating research, open discussions to share best practices and to discuss and identify resolutions to barriers in everyday study management activities.

To further support coordinators helping each other, a coordinator discussion listserv is also being developed. Soon coordinators will have this online forum for discussions with peers.

(This past June, SCORE, under the support of the CTSI and SON with OHSP and ACRP hosted the annual SCORE Half-Day Seminar for coordinators. The event, its 7th year, offered continuing education contact hours, was attended by 143 people, and 100% of those who responded to the evaluation rated the overall program as “good” to “excellent/high.”)

SCORE events are held monthly. Interested? Want to be engaged? What to learn what’s around the corner? Be sure you are on the SCORE distribution list – contact Protect your time now to attend future networking and educational events. To learn more, visit the SCORE website.

SCORE’s next forum event is scheduled for September 10th and will be listed on the CTSI calendar.

Research coordinator job series

Coordinators: You are special! This career is growing quickly and is recognized as a certified profession by the ACRP and SoCRA. A preparation review course is offered at the start of each year to the applicants for certification examinations. The Office for Human Subject Protection and the CTSI facilitate this successful course. Over the past 2 years, 33 students took the course, 12 of which were applications for taking the exam. All 12 applicants have passed their certification exam. The University encourages and supports recognition of your skills and experience through certification.

In 2014, the University, in a collaborative initiative with stakeholders (which included coordinators, hiring managers, human resources and CTSI leadership) formalized the coordinator career path in the three-level Human Subject Research Coordinator job series. When positons need to be filled, hiring managers and human resource business partners turn to this job series. Coordinators now have a career path designed specifically for their role.

Hiring managers are using UR Connected to advertise and connect with potential new hires.  Hiring managers continue to examine the information in listed coordinator profiles and contact coordinators for available positions.  Coordinators – consider entering or updating your profiles in this connection system.

Study Coordinators – your dedication to your profession is recognized.  Your knowledge is sought to improve study management operations.  You are invited to connect and learn by participating in SCORE.  For more information contact:  Together, we can raise research coordination to the highest order.


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