Public Health Sciences offers five new Advanced Certificates

The Department of Public Health Sciences is now offering five Advanced Certificate programs covering a range of public health issues.JimDolan

“These could be a good fit for working professionals who want to acquire these sort of skills to help them in their current job who don’t have the time or inclination to get a full degree,” said James G. Dolan, associate professor of Public Health Sciences. “These smaller-sized versions of our degree programs that are easier, more accessible, and perhaps more appropriate for a lot of people.”

Though certificate applications are closed for this fall, those wanting to get a jump can still take non-matriculated classes and then enroll in Spring 2016, which will allow them to apply the credits retroactively. The five certificates:

Analytic epidemiology (12 credits)

-Provides a practical understanding of quantitative research methods through a selection of epidemiology courses.

Clinical research methods (12 credits)

-Designed to give a broad overview of both quantitative and qualitative research.

Trial-based clinical research (12 credits)

-Designed for those who want to learn more about conducting controlled trials.

Health services research (12 credits)

-Designed for those looking to navigate the changing health care landscape.

Public health (15 credits)

-A less intensive version of the Master’s in Public Health; designed for people who are interested in sitting for the American Board of Public Health certification exam.

Learn more about the programs, or email for more information.

The Department of Public Health Sciences has also partnered with the CTSI on an Advanced Certificate of Biomedical Informatics. Learn more.

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