CTSI Welcomes New Year Out Trainees


(L. Erika Snow, R. Leigh Sundem)

The CTSI Year Out Program for Medical Students welcomed two new trainees on July 1st. The CTSI supports medical students interested in a year-out experience of mentored research in clinical or translational research; most students enter through the Academic Research Track (ART) program.

Erika Snow will be working with Dr. Scott McIntosh on a project titled “The Role of E-cigarettes as a Barrier to Smoking Cessation.” Dr. McIntosh’s research focuses on stop-smoking interventions with various populations and the training of physicians and other medical professionals in guideline-based nicotine dependence interventions. Erika will also pursue a Masters in Public Health during her year out.

Leigh Sundem will be working with Dr. John Elfar on a project titled “Erythropoietin for Compression Neuropathy: Preclinical Efficacy and Cellular Site of Action.” Dr. Elfar specializes in the treatment of sports and hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder problems. His clinical interests include all aspects of upper extremity trauma and reconstruction as well as injuries in the competitive and recreational athlete.

Click here to view all previous CTSI trainees.

For more information on CTSI education programs like the Year Out program , contact Katie Libby, CTSI Education Program Manager, at katherine_libby@urmc.rochester.edu.


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