eRecord: new search engine tool and Study Monitor changes

Changes to External Study Monitor eRecord Access

Per a new eRecord policy, external study monitor eRecord accounts will be deactivated between visits.  Notification will now need to be provided a few days before the visit so the account can be reactivated. Deactivating study monitor (ePartner) accounts in between visits complies with URMC Information Security access control policies. This information is noted on the NEW study monitor access request form available on the eRecord site under “Research,” then “External Study Monitors.”  Please note that with the new form the Principal Investigator and Program Administrator will need to sign off on the request, consistent with the request process for eRecord access for URMC research staff

To reactivate the external study monitor access, the study team’s internal contact will need to email “eRecord External Reviewer Request” at at least 3 days prior to the visit and include: study name (include CTO#), study monitor name(s) and dates access is needed. New request forms must be submitted for new studies and for the addition of new study monitors to existing studies. If you have any questions please contact

Find Patient Information Faster with Chart Search

A powerful new search engine lets researchers enter a keyword or keywords to search the patient chart for problems, progress notes, medications, labs, and other orders from one search bar. Users can also find and open Synopsis views, notes, and other available Hyperspace activities through this search—without needing to remember the necessary menu paths.  Click here for more information on what you can search and how it works.

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