Executive director of Greater Rochester RHIO to speak at CTSI Seminar Series

Solid data makes for solid research. Solid research makes for better patient care. But in a hyper-competitive business environment, health systems don’t always tend to share their precious data with one another.

The Greater Rochester Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) is a step towards a more collaborative research environment.

Through the RHIO, a researcher can track a patient who first comes to Strong Hospital, and next shows up “in Rochester Regional, then Medina, then Arnot, then Borg and Ide,” said Ted Kremer, executive director for Greater Rochester RHIO.

“So it brings together a patient’s clinical information and care from multiple sources nearly in real time, and the information can be used as a dataset for analytics and population health.”

Kremer will share more about the Rochester RHIO’s capabilities at a seminar in Helen Wood Hall auditorium from noon to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 20.

Among the topics of Kremer’s seminar will be the type of data that the organization receives, the studies that have been done through RHIO, and future directions for the collected data.

“The RHIO is really at the cutting edge of health care reform, and allows communities and providers to rethink how our data relates to patient care,” said Tim Dye, Ph.D., Director of Biomedical Informatics for the CTSI. “As a byproduct of their core service, the RHIO creates new data resources for us to learn about challenges and opportunities facing the Finger Lakes population in ways we weren’t able to do before them or without them.”

Kremer’s presentation is part of the CTSI Seminar Series on population health. Lunch will be provided, though attendees should bring their own drink.

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