Your Feedback from the CTSI Retreat

The CTSI’s latest retreat, held on November 11, concentrated on the theme of “renewing our strategic focus; preparing for action.” Participants were generally people with formal roles in the CTSI and effort support.

First of all, thanks to everyone who took part. We invited 85 people, 70 responded that they would come, and all but two showed up. This, and all the written feedback we received, demonstrates real commitment, and we thank you for it.

I have a thick stack of paper on my desk which contains input from many of you on the questions we asked you to think about. Here’s a review and summary of your input:

We asked retreat participants to provide their thoughts on concepts, ideas or just words that should be included in statements of CTSI mission, vision and values. I read each and every written response provided, whether we got it before, during or after the retreat. I actually read each one several times (and special thanks to all of you who listened to your 3rd grade teachers regarding good handwriting).

I’ve created three summaries of your input. For the first, I reviewed input regarding the CTSI mission statement. I recorded each suggested concept, and counted up the number of times that concept appeared across all of the feedback provided. Then, I grouped the concepts into categories. I admit that this analysis is subjective, but it seems illuminating nonetheless. Here’s the result:

mission concepts

In words:  in your feedback, you mentioned resources that the CTSI provides or could provide 26 times. You mentioned various high level goals that the CTSI could pursue about 24 times. And so on. For all of you data nerds, I’ve provided all the details in a separate post (click here to take a look).

After our new Senior Project Research Associate Dr. Kathleen Holt took a look at this first graph, she noted that I appeared to focus on nouns, and suggested that I go back and take a look at the verbs you used in your input. So I did that, and the graph below was the result:

mission concepts - verbs

Also very interesting perspectives: somewhat different than the first look, but similar in some ways as well. Again, you’ll find the details in a separate post (here).

Finally, I repeated the process with the concepts, ideas and words you suggested should be part of a CTSI statement of values. Here’s the result:


If you’d like to review the full compilation of responses, click here.

So – what do you think? You can use the “leave a comment” feature to share your thoughts, or email me directly.

What’s next? Over the next month or so the Operations Committee will review this information and their own thoughts, and work toward new or revised statements of mission, vision and values for the CTSI. But this is only the beginning of the strategic planning process. After mission, vision and values comes the development of a customer value proposition, strategic themes and results, objectives, related performance measures and targets, strategic initiatives and execution. You’ll be hearing more!

Thanks for your support for the CTSI!

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