For data nerds: retreat feedback details

In a separate post (here), I provide a summary of your feedback from the November 11, 2014 CTSI retreat. This post contains details, for those of you that want to ponder the issues a bit more deeply.

The table below summarizes feedback regarding a CTSI mission statement. The first column is the category I assigned; the second is the concept or idea as extracted from your feedback, and the third columns shows how many times that concept was mentioned across all feedback received.

Mission Concepts – Details

Category Concept Mentions
Collaboration connection 8
Collaboration team science 6
Collaboration collaboration 4
Collaboration multidisciplinary 3
Collaboration synergy 2
Community community engagement 6
Community integration 3
Community outreach 2
Community community centered 1
Population Health community health 3
Population Health clinic 2
Population Health health 2
Population Health patients 2
Population Health population health 1
Population Health prevention 1
Population Health population 1
Education training/education 12
Education mentoring 2
Education knowledge 2
Help facilitate 6
Help help/assistance 4
Help guidance 3
Help enable 2
Help accelerate 2
Help access 2
Help catalyst 1
Resources expertise 7
Resources funding 6
Resources resources 6
Resources service 2
Resources infrastructure 2
Resources solutions 1
Resources tools 1
Resources support 1
Efficiency efficiency 5
Efficiency relevance 2
Efficiency quality 2
Communication reputation 2
Communication awareness 2
Communication communication 2
Communication dissemination 1
Character trust 3
Character compassion 2
Character commitment 1
Goals translation 8
Goals innovation 7
Goals discovery 2
Goals success 2
Goals opportunity 2
Goals science 1
Goals evolution 1
Goals enhance 1

Another way to look at this information is through a Wordle. In the image below, each concept shows up. The size of the concept is proportional to the number of times it was mentioned. Click on the image to get a larger view.

mission wordle 3

The following table is similar to the previous one, but focuses on the verbs used in your feedback to describe the CTSI’s mission.

Mission Concepts (verbs) – Details

Category Concept Mentions
Advance advance translational science 2
Advance advance innovation 1
Advance improve research 1
Advance enhance 1
Advance accelerate 1
Partner establish connections with collaborators 2
Partner enhance culture of team science 1
Partner work with competing health systems 1
Partner work with competitors 1
Partner facilitate connections among basic science/clinical research/community engagement 1
Partner merge population health and team science 1
Connect translate research into clinical 2
Connect link research and clinical missions 1
Connect connect faculty to resources 1
Connect connect 1
Help facilitate 2
Help enable 2
Help fill gaps 1
Help help investigators 1
Help facilitate multidisciplinary researchers 1
Help support 1
Help provide answers to regulatory and technical questions 1
Help provide funds/resources/infrastructure 1
Train train 1
Train support new generation of scientists 1

A Wordle would not be terribly helpful in this case, since all the concepts only showed up once or twice.

This table shows the details regarding values.

Values – Details

Category Concept Mentions
Collaboration collaboration 13
Collaboration team work 6
Collaboration team science 5
Collaboration connection 2
Collaboration partnerships 1
Collaboration multidisciplinarity 2
Collaboration interdisciplinarity 2
Collaboration transdisciplinarity 1
Community community engagement 4
Community community 3
Community health disparities 3
Community health 3
Community translation to community 2
Community practical application 1
Efficiency efficiency 3
Efficiency excellence 3
Efficiency sustainability 3
Efficiency productivity 2
Efficiency effectiveness 1
Efficiency return on investment 1
Equity inclusive 2
Equity diversity 2
Equity accessible 1
Meliora ever better 5
Meliora innovation 4
Meliora passion 3
Meliora synergy 3
Meliora meliora 1
Meliora persistence 1
Meliora catalyst 1
Meliora leadership 1
Meliora opportunity 1
Meliora evolution 1
Education education 3
Education mentoring 1
I-CARE and other values integrity 7
I-CARE and other values respect 2
I-CARE and other values accountability 1
I-CARE and other values research 1
I-CARE and other values incubator 1
I-CARE and other values ethical 1
I-CARE and other values I-CARE 3

And here’s the associated Wordle:

values wordle 2

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