First SRB Data Blitz! Is a Success

The new SRB Data Blitz! Series aims to give a broad and entertaining overview of research programs in the Saunders Research Building. The inaugural session was held on September 24th, 2014 in the Saunders Research Building and featurPictureed both poster and live presentations from members of the Heart Research Follow-up Program. Dr. Wojciech Zareba, Director of the Heart Research Follow-up program, welcomed approximately 40 attendees and offered opening remarks for the event.

Eight posters were setup for attendees to peruse as their own leisure and a slide presentation ran throughout the event, highlighting recent research projects and findings. PDFs of the posters and the presentations are available on the CTSI Website. Additionally, there was a Long QT measurement station where attendees could have their levels assessed in 30 seconds. This technology aids Doctors in identifying patients at risk for heart disease and prescription side Pictureeffects.

Make sure to join us for the next session of the SRB Data Blitz! Series which will be held on October 29th and will feature research from the Developmental Disabilities group. See you then!

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