Recap: Annual Health Professions’ Faculty Development Colloquium

The Annual Health Professions’ Faculty Development Colloquium was held this past Wednesday, June 11th at the University of Rochester Medical Center. This event was co-sponsored by the Office for Faculty Development, the Center for Experiential Learning, and the CTSI.

The full day program started in the Class of 62 Auditorium with welcoming remarks from Jeffrey Lyness, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and Janine Shapiro, MD, Associate Dean for Faculty Development. Dr. Shapiro also shared a recap of the faculty development efforts during the previous year as well as upcoming events, including the Academic Core Curriculum for Junior Faculty (September 29th-October 3rd) and a new certificate program that will be offered through AAMC entitled “Teaching for Quality” (October 6th and 7th).

The first of two keynote speakers, Dr. Richard Levin, President and CEO of the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, took the podium next with a presentation entitled “The Biology of Humanism: Tension between Technology and Touch in the 21st Century. Dr. Levin’s presentation centered on the importance of teaching and modeling compassionate care to medical students throughout their Medical school experience.

A series of short communications from Dr. Colleen Fogarty, on patient-centered care behaviors related to the EHR, and Dr. Sarah Peyre, regarding the renovation of the Center for Experiential Learning concluded the morning presentations. Participants split off to workshops of their choice on a variety of topics including storyboarding, best practices for adult learners, and teaching high value care. Some attendees were able to see what the newly renovated spaces have to offer firsthand during these sessions. Posters were also submitted by 18 participants and were available for viewing throughout the day.

The second keynote speaker, David A. Hirsh, MD, Director and Co-Founder of the Harvard Medical School Cambridge Integrated Clerkship, presented after lunch on “System Transformation through Educational Transformation.” Dr. Hirsh stressed the importance of a “continuous educational environment during Medical school which included continuity of care, curriculum, supervision, and idealism.

Following the afternoon keynote presentation, Annette Medina-Walpole, MD gave out the Dean’s Teaching Fellowship Awards to this year’s recipients. The colloquium concluded with a second series of workshops on topics such as best practices for online learning, cultural awareness in academic medicine, and reasoned pedagogy.

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