The Research Coordinator Development Initiative

For years, somewhere between 20 and 30 different Human Resources (HR) job titles have been used to employ staff research cdowhose primary job duties include coordination of human-subject research. This wide range of titles has made it challenging to recognize people who perform these important professional duties, both to ensure standardization of training and continuing education and also to support a career path. CTSI and HR have collaborated to develop a standardized job series, as recommended by the contributors* to the Research Coordinator Development Initiative (RCDI).

The RCDI working group met a total of 7 times, from March through August of last year, with contributions from 39 individuals–coordinators, administrators, personnel from HR, OHSP and CTSI. The work product of the RCDI included a proposed 3-level job series, delivered to HR with a recommendation to develop an implementation plan and to share that plan in an open forum, prior to rolling it out. Working with the language of the recommended series, HR and CTSI collaborated to bring the RCDI recommendations to reality. Starting April 1st, new coordinators meeting specified criteria will be hired into this standardized series.

At the March 5th CTSI Town Hall, details of the roll-out plan will be shared along with updates about other initiatives. The Town Hall provides an opportunity to share information and to participate in the conversation. All members of the University Community are invited to hear what is planned, and to share feedback. Please join the research community in Helen Wood Hall Auditorium, March 5th at 4pm.

*The RCDI workgroup was led by Adam Tatro and Nancy Needler.  The CTSI and HR thank and recognize the other participants in this group for their dedication to professionalising the human subject research coordinator role:  Alison Diehl, Allison W. McIntyre , Amy Marra, Barbara Baisch , Kate Burns, Carol Alarie, Catherine A. Bunce, Catherine A. Muzytchuk, Christine Annis, Cindy MacDonald, Cindy Westfall, Cynthia J. Irish, Debbie Campbell, Liz Werner, Eric Rubinstein, Evelyn Sheffer, Jennifer Silverstein, Jennifer T. Foley, Jill Bowman, Karen Vitale, Kelly Unsworth, Lauren Farberman, Laurie S Passalacqua, Lisa Rodgers, Lori C. Caufield, Maria Fagnano, Mary Lou Pollock, Nancy E. Wood, Nancy Nix, Nicole J. Driffill, Noreen Connolly, Pam LaDuke, Pamela M. Sawdey, Patricia Oschmann-Landers, Patty Smith, Rachel David, Rebecca Rowley, Ryan Jones, Sarah M. Farash, Sherry Cruz, and Susanne Heininger

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