Why are you harassing me Nicole O’Dell?

By Nicole L. O’Dell, MLS31739_1507832462226_2941135_n

You see my name in your inbox, and you think to yourself, “Not her again!!!! What does she want now?!?!” I understand your pain, but I admit it: I am a harasser. That is my job. As the Senior Information Analyst for the Clinical and Translational Science Institute, I am charged with the daunting task of collecting evaluation data for a multi-million dollar Federal grant. It is not easy, and it requires information to be collected from many different sources, most likely including you.

Don’t despair! If I contact you for information or to complete a survey there is probably a GREAT reason behind it. spam0607Here is a list of the most common reasons that I will be in your inbox:

  1. You’re a faculty member: Congratulations!! All that hard work and schooling paid off and now you are officially a member of the faculty at highly respected University. The CTSI highly regards the opinions of the University of Rochester faculty and often surveys them for awareness of and satisfaction with our services and programs.
  2. You are a funded investigator: Congratulations!! You have successfully obtained a grant, which is not easy feat! The CTSI is interested in the research climate at the University and periodically collects data from you about your projects and research collaborations.
  3. You received funding from the CTSI:  Congratulations!! You were picked out of a group of very strong candidates to receive support through our pilot funding or educational programs! The CTSI surveys awardees and trainees twice per year about outcomes that resulted from the support and any success stories you would like to share.
  4. You utilized CTSI programs or services: The CTSI offers a vast array of services and programs that assist investigators at the University in conducting clinical and translational science. Our offerings include expert consultation services, the Clinical Research Center, the Center for Community Health, the Research Navigator Program, and others. The CTSI collects information about your use of these services and the benefits that result, such as publications and grants.

In closing, I would like to say that I am a human being, not an evil robot. I am actually quite nice in real life. If you would like me to stop harassing you, the solution is quite simple. Just send me the data.  And thank you for helping us improve the CTSI’s programs and services and show that we’re using federal funds wisely.

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