4 medical students begin their CTSI research year-out

Four new medical students have started their projects as part of the CTSI Year-Out and Academic Research Track programs. The CTSI Year-Out program funds medical students to work on a year-long mentored research project.

The following students will be funded through June 2014:

year out collage

(L to R) Jarrod Bogue, Aimee Morris, Melissa Squires, Jeffrey Reed (not pictured)

Jarrod Bogue will be working with Dr. Joseph Wedekind to investigate the fundamental biochemistry and conformational properties of a specific riboswitch from Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

Aimee Morris will be working with Dr. Jonathan Mink on the clinical characteristics, musical variables, and pathophysiology of Focal Embouchure Dystonia, which is a movement disorder affecting musicians (brass and woodwind players in the case of embouchure dystonia).

Jeffrey Reed will be working with Dr. John Elfar on the effects of erythropoietin on healthy bone.

Melissa Squires will be working with Dr. Stephen Sulkes to analyze data on inpatients with intellectual and developmental disabilities at Strong Memorial Hospital.

Information on all of the past CTSI Year-Out trainees can be found here.

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