2013 CTSI Incubator Program Award: Extensively Self-Renewing Erythroblasts as an Ex-Vivo Source of Human Blood


(Clockwise from left) Michael Bulger, PhD (Associate Professor of Pediatrics)
Richard Waugh, PhD (Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering)
James Palis, MD (Professor of Pediatrics)

Drs. Michael Bulger, James Palis and Richard Waugh, are the CTSI’s 2013 Incubator Program awardees.  The three co-Principal Investigators will collaborate with Drs. Laura Calvi and Alan Smrcka to investigate a potential source to artificially generate human blood.  Growing blood transfusion needs in the U.S., coupled with persistent bottlenecks in donated blood supplies, has fueled an intensified interest in the development of ex vivo methods of producing human red blood cells.

The CTSI Incubator program was created in 2010 and is a “super-pilot” program designed to develop research collaborations that will catalyze breakthrough treatments, diagnostic techniques, or quantum leaps in community health.  The 2012 Incubator award went to Patricia J. Sime, MD, for her project on “cigarette smoke, oxidative stress, inflammation and lung injury: novel therapeutic strategies.” The 2011 Incubator awardees were Burns Blaxall, PhD, and Harris Gelbard, MD, PhD, who led a project on “novel mixed lineage kinase 3 (MLK3) inhibitors: a single target with therapeutic potential in multiple disease states.”  Click here for a full description of funded Incubator projects. 


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