Two PhD students contribute key roles in URMC grant awards

(L to R) Jack Werren, Aisha Siebert, Jon Mink, Molly Jaynes

(L to R) Jack Werren, Aisha Siebert, Jonathon Mink, Molly Jaynes

Two internal UR grant awards given out this month benefited from the assistance of PhD students in the Translational Biomedical Science (TBS) program.

Jack Werren PhD received a Drug Development Delivery Pilot Award from the URSMD Technology Development Fund. Aisha Siebert, a student in the TBS program, assisted with the application.  Aisha is currently working on a project to characterize the metabolic effects of specific wasp venom proteins produced by Nasonia species, in order to assess their potential as drugs to treat human disease. The award supports projects in drug development research that result in technology development, extramural funding, and commercialization. The next submission deadline for this program is July 31, 2013 for a September 1, 2013 project start date.

Jonathan Mink MD PhD won a Provost’s Multidisciplinary Research Award for his work with Task-Specific Dystonia in Musicians. TBS student  Molly Jaynes will play a key role on the project.  Molly joined the TBS program specifically to study focal dystonia in professional instrumentalists. Her project will involve collaboration with the  School of Medicine and Dentistry and the Eastman School of Music; she hopes her work will enable professional musicians living with dystonia to continue their musical careers.  The Provost’s Award recognizes research teams that are comprised of researchers from two or more disciplines or from one or more schools within the University of Rochester. Dr. Mink’s award will involve Ralph Manchester from General Medicine, Marc Schieber from Cognitive Behavioral Neurology, and Nicholas Goluses and Peter Kurau from the Eastman School, as well as Molly.

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